American Planning Association - Minnesota Chapter

The Minnesota Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA Minnesota) is a non-profit statewide organization of over 900 planning professionals, educators, local officials and planning commissioners who are involved in planning-related activities on behalf of state and regional agencies, counties, cities, towns, educational institutions and the private sector.

Planning involves the use of many tools, including economic and demographic analysis, natural and cultural resource evaluation, goal-setting, visioning and strategizing.

Besides being the only profession specially trained to look at how these elements fit together, planners bring something more. Planners can offer options so communities & citizens can achieve their vision of the future.

The Chapter would like to recognize the following Municipalities for their membership in APA MN.

City of Detroit Lakes
City of Dilworth
City of Fergus Falls
City of Frazee
City of Glyndon
City of Moorhead
City of Perham
City of Wheaton

American Planning Association, Minnesota Chapter